“We are known for our consistent professionalism, transparency, inclusivity and efficiency when hiring and recruiting.”

Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc. (SRS) is an international recruiting and HR service company that provides recruitment and placement services to individuals in Guyana. Formed in 2018, we have progressed across all sectors and industries, ensuring our services are accessible to all job seekers and employers. We are known for our consistent professionalism, transparency, inclusivity and efficiency when hiring and recruiting-due to which we have a large footprint in Guyana.

In the world of constant evolution and innovation, our tech-savvy recruitment consultancy services provide the necessary mechanisms for qualified personnel and organizations- to cope with the daily dynamics of meeting specialized needs. Our company has helped transform the long-standing ways of hiring and recruiting individuals in Guyana by shaping, shortening and automating the human resource management processes.

Our company is primarily designed to serve: candidates who are struggling to find the right organization to work for and organizations who are lagging behind in recruiting the right candidates. Our processes ensure that we provide each client with the right tools, techniques and momentums to achieve desired results easily and reliably. This is done by giving our clients a range of services that compliments their needs and overarching goals.

We ensure our services cater to the needs of employers, by understanding their corporate culture, strategic relevance, core business needs and organizational goals. Due to this, our predominant philosophy revolves around the value of sustaining and building relations-as we strongly believe that satisfied clients are the epitome of success.

Our viewpoint has allowed us to create a methodology that streamlines, maps and shortlists ideal candidates according to an organization’s needs. Candidates likewise, get a chance to find growth opportunities at a wider scale and maximize their development potential with a plethora of companies by highlighting their personal needs.

Our recruitment and placement processes are built to adapt and enhance with time. To ensure they are consistently in line with our proactive work ethic-we focus heavily on ‘excellence in delivery’. This approach helps us save time while mapping and shortlisting candidates and improves to overall efficiency of our recruitment and placement processes. This in turn helps produce impeccable results consistently and efficiently, without compromising on quality.

We’re always on

the lookout

At strategic Recruitment Solutions, we’re always on the lookout for exciting new clients and talented candidates searching for dream jobs. If it’s a reliable recruitment agency that you’re looking for, then get in touch with us today at +1 592 608 2959 or send an email at admin@srsgy.com

Our Guiding Principles


To take ownership of every action and ensure accountability and transparency are maintained throughout the HRM lifecycle, especially among clients.


To stay focused and passionate towards the end goal of successful recruitment and placement, and approach every challenge with enthusiasm and high spirit.


To create an environment of integrity, trust and honesty, so that the company prospers along with its employees.


To ensure every service is executed responsibly and demonstrate corporate social responsibility during development and execution.


To commit wholeheartedly and build lasting relatioinship, to ensure sustainability in the long-run.


To maintain quality not only in service but also externally when dealing with clients.


To be a force to reckon with; lead with passion and dignity, and stay determined during the course of any challenges.


To build a community where employees and clients have fun and feel energized and focused when contributing to their life’s goals.