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SRS strives to provide a platform to the multi- talented candidates within and outside of Guyana, to increase their visibility and have exposure to as many businesses as possible. Candidates can create profiles, upload their resumes and apply for jobs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We believe in giving the job-seekers the opportunity to enhance their careers and find that perfect fit with a company.

These profiles of candidates can help companies identify the right talent for a vacancy they may have. The candidates can make profiles in which they can highlight the skills and knowledge they have, the experience they have gained and the kind of career choices they are looking for. These profiles give a detailed insight of the candidate to the companies and may make it easier to be called in for interviews.

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Job seekers or candidates are given the facility to apply for jobs by searching for relevant positions. Candidates can also be approached via employers to fill in applications if their profile fits a specific job description.



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