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Helping people in Guyana and all around the world bag their dream job.

We aim to be the leading Guyanese recruitment consultancy servicing all sectors.
Our reputation rests on the personal relationships we hold with our clients, our candidates and all stakeholders.

Our focus for clients is getting to know and understand your culture, strategy and vision to ensure a perfect talent mapping. For candidates, it’s about supporting your career aspirations and maximizing development opportunities.
When we recruit, we look for a hunger to grow and develop, a proactive working style and unrelenting excellence in delivery.

Job Posting

We allow employers to post jobs free and still reach a large audience effectively. An SRS job posting is the promotion of an open position on srsgy.com by an employer.

Job Application

Job seekers can search job postings here and apply to jobs through SRS’s website, or be routed to an employer’s profile to finish an application.

CV Upload

Makes applying for jobs quick and easy, no need to upload a Resume every time you apply. Make your CV searchable by companies, let companies consider for jobs that are not advertised


Register your profile with us and be seen across our site. Employers, candidates can view your profile to see if your company is a right fit for them. Candidates, employers view your profile to consider you for job posted or not

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If you’re ready for a new challenging job, Browse Jobs on SRS and take a look at our Popular Job Locations and Job Titles. You can also take a look at Company Profiles or different types of careers. Find your perfect career fit for today. Whatever type of job you’re looking for, you can find it on SRS.

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Search for jobs by industry using our job-search. Or, we provide the best industry-specific job boards and other industry-specific careers.

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Our Services

Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc (SRS) specialises in the recruitment of corporate executives to unskilled labour in all sectors. We provide the following services:

Whether you need people for a specific project, require particular expertise or are looking to meet a peak in your resourcing requirements, recruiting contractors and temporary staff can offer the perfect complement to your permanent workforce.

SRS assists you in recruiting contractors and temps to benefit your business by providing:

  1. flexible and specialist capabilities at critical times, enabling a high level of market responsiveness
  2. productivity from day one
  3. high quality transferable skills; contractors and temps bring an entrepreneurial mind set and wide-breadth of experience
  4. budget certainty – you know the costs and time frame from the outset

Our specialist Recruitment team takes prides in delivering the very best service to all Clients and Candidates and we specialize in placing Candidates within Permanent or Fixed Term Contract positions. We will help you by managing the complete recruitment process, enabling you to fill your key vacancies, so you can get ahead of your competitors, by sourcing the high caliber candidates you require.

When time, complexity, impact and confidentiality are critical, many clients choose SRS. Particularly appropriate when the need is urgent, the hire will have an impact on company performance, or new opportunities emerge that must be quickly addressed, retained recruiting represents a commitment from both sides and sends a strong message to candidates that you highly value the opportunity.

Whether it is one job or fifty, we can provide relevant labor market data for your organization. All data is derived from reliable, statistically sound sources, or obtained through custom surveys that are designed, disseminated and analyzed by us.

Your business is successful because you had a vision and worked hard to bring that vision to life. Wouldn’t it be nice to focus all your energy on growing your business instead of dealing with administrative burdens?

SRS gives you that freedom. Our professional services give you time to concentrate on building your business and creating more value for your customers. We take care of the rest. By adding SRS to your team, you eliminate the complexities and minimize the employment risks to your business.

We deliver client payroll solutions mapped to the client’s footprint, under a single master service agreement. Our advanced gross-to-net service reduces the need for third-party involvement in payroll processing, delivering a leaner, more comprehensive approach to managing a payroll from beginning to end.

SRS’s philosophy is to customize our Sea Catering service to your special requirements, based on a standardized and successful system. Our system reduces the ship owners’ and managers’ budgetary risks, inventory bound capital costs as well as administration overhead while it ensures your crew’s satisfaction.

Our team specialize in Guyana’s immigration law with many years’ experience, expertise and practice. We provide professional advice to onshore and offshore applicants. We personally assist with both temporary and permanent residency visa applications. Our market entry services team provide market related strategic advisory support, in particular market entry, research and advice to support your strategy development.

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