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Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc. (SRS) is an indigenous recruiting and HR services company that provides recruitment and placement services to individuals in Guyana. Formed in June 2018, we have progressed across all sectors and industries, ensuring our services are accessible to all job seekers and employers. We are known for our consistent professionalism, transparency, inclusivity, and efficiency when hiring and recruiting—due to which we have a large footprint in Guyana.

In the world of constant evolution and innovation, our tech-savvy recruitment consultancy services provide the necessary mechanisms for qualified personnel and organizations—to cope with the daily dynamics of meeting specialized needs. Our company has helped transform the long-standing ways of hiring and recruiting individuals in Guyana by shaping, shortening and automating the human resource management processes.

Our company is primarily designed to serve candidates who are struggling to find the right organization to work for; and organizations who are lagging behind in recruiting the right candidates. Our processes ensure that we provide each client with the right tools, techniques, and momentum to achieve desired results easily and reliably. This is done by giving our clients a range of services that complement their needs, and overarching goals.

We ensure our services cater to the needs of employers, by understanding their corporate culture, strategic relevance, core business needs, and organizational goals. Due to this, our predominant philosophy revolves around the value of sustaining and building relationships—as we strongly believe that satisfied clients are the epitome of success.

Our viewpoint has allowed us to create a methodology that streamlines, maps and shortlists ideal candidates according to an organization’s needs. Candidates, likewise, get a chance to find growth opportunities at a wider scale, and maximize their development potential with a plethora of companies, by highlighting their personal needs.

Our recruitment and placement processes are built to adapt and enhance with time. To ensure they are consistently in line with our proactive work ethic—we focus heavily on ‘excellence in delivery’. This approach helps us save time while mapping and shortlisting candidates and improves the overall efficiency of our recruitment and placement processes. This in turn helps produce impeccable results consistently and efficiently, without compromising on quality.

Job Posting

We allow employers to post jobs free and still reach a large audience effectively. An SRS job posting is the promotion of an open position on srsgy.com by an employer.


Register your profile with us and be seen across our site. Employers, candidates can view your profile to see if your company is a right fit for them. Candidates, employers view your profile to consider you for job posted or not

Job Application

Job seekers can search job postings here and apply to jobs through SRS’s website, or be routed to an employer’s profile to finish an application.

Find Jobs

If you’re ready for a new challenging job, Browse Jobs on SRS and take a look at our Popular Job Locations and Job Titles. You can also take a look at Company Profiles or different types of careers. Find your perfect career fit for today. Whatever type of job you’re looking for, you can find it on SRS.

CV Upload

Makes applying for jobs quick and easy, no need to upload a Resume every time you apply. Make your CV searchable by companies, let companies consider for jobs that are not advertised

Industry Search

Search for jobs by industry using our job-search. Or, we provide the best industry-specific job boards and other industry-specific careers.

Our Mission

“To enhance accessibility to work for all, and provide a platform that ensures integrity, productivity, and success.”

We are driven to provide first-rate services to our clients to help them stay on track and generate better results. Our intention is to help augment our clients’ organizational performance—which enhances their ability to achieve long-term organizational goals and deliver optimum results.

We are determined to help our clients ‘source and hire’ qualified professionals, in accordance to their skill level. Additionally, we are unwavering in our approach to help professionals excel, by finding them the most relevant job opportunities, according to their needs and requirements.

To ensure we stay focused, motivated and driven as an industry leader in recruitment and placement services, we stay true to our ethics, and remain a workforce that is focused on delivering quality results, time and time again.

Our Vision

“We aim in being a global recruiting leader by providing exceptional and diverse human capital, and bringing forth success, prosperity, and growth in the lives of everyone—through our core values of integrity, excellence, and quality service.”

Our aim is to employ ethical recruitment practices, source exceptional candidates, develop strong client relations, and obtain an expert level in the recruitment and placement industry. We believe in providing a strong platform to everyone in Guyana and globally—so that they may experience the willingness to contribute to the world through their performance objectives. We believe in fostering current relationships and building new ones in the next five years.

Our aim is to become a leading Guyanese recruitment and placement organization in the HR services industry and grow exponentially to other countries in the next ten years. This will create opportunities for various demographics, and ensure every individual has equal access to the opportunity of living their dream and perform diligently. We aspire to challenge the youth in reaching heights without feeling a loss of hope or facing any difficulty.  

What We Do

Connect People with the Right Jobs for Them

Candidates can seek jobs by browsing on the website and search for jobs according to the title, location, and industry. This process also allows you to look at company profiles and various career options.

Browse Job Board

Get Your Job Postings & Company Info Out to the World

We allow employers to post jobs for free on srsgy.com so that a large audience can be reached effectively. This allows a range of clients to see job vacancies and apply accordingly.

Create Company Profile

Register Profiles

Employers and candidates can register their profiles, which are visible to both employers and candidates. This gives employers the liberty to shortlist candidates for specific jobs, while it allows candidates to seek jobs with relevant employers.

For Candidates

For Employers

Free Resume Uploads

As we believe in having short and streamlined processes, candidates can upload their CV once and edit it with time, instead of filling profiles or updating CVs repeatedly for various job posts. Moreover, candidates can also allow the option for CVs to be searchable by employers, in addition to allowing employers to consider candidates for job posts not yet advertised.

Submit Resume

Our Services

Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc (SRS) specializes in the recruitment of corporate executives to unskilled labour in all sectors. 

Temporary, Contract and Interim Recruitment Services:

Whether an organization requires skilled or unskilled labour for projects, specialized candidates, or general candidates to fill recruiting numbers—our services are designed to cater to all needs. Our services assist recruiting contractors, and temporary candidates, etc., by providing flexible and specialist offers at critical times, which enable high-level market responsiveness.

Additionally, our approach guarantees productivity from day one and allows contractors and temporary staff to bring forth a breadth of experience with high-quality transferable skills. During this process, we ensure budget certainty by outlining the overall cost and timeframe from the outset.

Permanent and Fixed Term Selection Recruitment Services:

Our specialist recruitment team takes pride in delivering the best services to all clients while placing them within permanent or fixed term contract positions. We specialize in assisting clients in managing and completing the recruitment process in a timely manner, so that they may source high caliber candidates from a competitive market.

Retained and Executive Recruitment Services:

We aim to provide our services when the need arises and maintain high standards of confidentiality among our clients. To ensure high-performance candidates are retained in a competitive market, we provide extended services and deliver commitment from both parties by furthering contractual agreements beforehand. This also allows us to let clients know that their performance is highly impactful, making the candidate a high-value player.

Salary Surveys and Market Information:

We provide up to date and relevant market data for client needs, to ensure clients are aware of their competitors’ salary and compensation packages. This data is derived from reliable and statistical sources or customized by us to fulfill client needs.

Career and Employee Management Services:

In order to see our clients’ businesses, follow through successfully, we provide the administrative services of managing their employees—while they focus on their business’s growth potential. We provide value addition in terms of time, cost and delivery, by eliminating complexities and maximizing employee retention.

Payroll Services:

We deliver client payroll solutions which are mapped according to the client’s footprint, under a single master service agreement. Our advanced gross-to-net services reduce the need for third-party involvement in payroll processing. This, in turn, allows us to deliver a leaner, more comprehensive approach to managing payrolls from beginning to end.

Ship Chandlery and Catering Services:

Based on our customized solutions, systems, and services, we cater to our client’s specialized sea catering needs effectively. This allows us to reduce every ship owner’s and manager’s budgetary risks, inventory bound capital costs, as well as, administration overheads.

Country and Market Entry Services:

We have an experienced team that specializes in corporate law and Guyana’s immigration law. This allows us to provide professional immigration advice to onshore and offshore applicants, in addition to assisting with temporary and permanent residency visa applications. Additionally, our market entry services team provides relevant strategic advisory research and support, to assist applicants in entering the market.