A diverse workforce is a productive workforce. An organization needs the thoughts and ideas of
all the people that make up the community it functions in. A diverse workforce can give the
company an insight into its target market. People from different backgrounds, sects, religions
etc. have different thought processes and ideas, which help deepen your talent pool. Today,
companies are trying their best to keep up the diversity ratio in their organizations. A lot of
companies have included increasing the diversity ratio in their corporate goals.
Diversity in your organization is very important, but keeping up the ratio isn’t very easy. We are
discussing diversity in general, which includes gender, religious, race and ethnicity and sexual
orientation diversity. Even in today’s day and age, our corporate cultures are not very
conducive and accepting. This naturally causes discomfort to people who are different or are in
minority. Companies can follow a few simple steps in order to make their environment better
for people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Focus on Hiring
When a position opens up in your organization, analyze if you can fill that position with
someone from a diverse group. Try and put out advertisements for position that show you are
open to hiring someone with a different background. You can tailor the description of the
position in a way that reaches broader audiences. You can also be proactive and reach out to
candidates with a different background than yourself, who you feel would be a good addition to
your team. The ads should highlight that your organization is an equal opportunity employer
and appreciates diverse teams.
Diversity Training
When trying to enforce a culture which is accepting of diversity, trainings need to be conducted
on all levels. The current management and employees need to go through sensitivity trainings,
that help guide you on how to handle routine issues with a diverse work force. These trainings
will help educate everyone how to be respectful of the differences and create a conducive
environment for everyone to comfortably grow.

Diversity- Friendly Policies
If diversity needs to be introduced in a workplace, the policies need to be updated or new
policies need to be devised so that they are more inclusive of the diverse teams. For example,
allowing leaves on different religious holidays etc. If a company has policies that are supportive
of employees with diverse backgrounds, the employees will appreciate the work place, and by
word of mouth, more people would want to join the organization. The policies should highlight
that your organization is an equal opportunity employer.

Recognize and Appreciate the Differences
Each employee comes with their own set of skills and ideas. A company that wants to increase
and retain diversity needs to listen to everyone’s ideas and appreciate the efforts put by
everyone equally. The differences that come with a diverse workforce help in increasing
creativity and productivity. So, each and everyone needs to be recognized for their input and
given a fair chance and expressing their thoughts and ideas.