Joining a new workplace can often be overwhelming. Starting anything new, since childhood, comes with a lot of anxiety and excitement, all at the same time. Whether you were part of an organization previously or if it’s your first job, in both cases, starting fresh is somewhat unsettling. The fist day comes with a lot of butterflies and tingles. There are new expectations and fears. All these feelings are normal. There are a few steps you can take to overcome these feelings.

In this blog, we will be discussing the basic etiquettes of joining a new organization, and how to make your first impression among your peers, that too a good one.

  • Do Enter With A Smile

On your first day, you want everyone to know you are happy to be working with them. A smile is the best way to appear approachable and humble.

  • Don’t Be Too Nervous

Nervousness shows up on your face and in your body language. Just tell yourself that there is nothing to worry about. Being a little nervous is normal, but if it isn’t in control, it may make you come off as jittery and you may say or do something you don’t intend on doing. So, take control.

  • Do Set Up Your Space

Putting up a picture or a little plant on your desk, or workstation can instantly give you a feeling of home. It will help calm your nerves and give your surroundings a good vibe.

  • Don’t Pry

We know it is a new place and you don’t know the people around you etc. and would like to start getting to know them as soon as possible, but don’t seem too nosy. No one likes a nosy colleague. Indulge in conversation which doesn’t have you asking all the questions. People will share what they feel comfortable sharing with you themselves.

  • Do Be Friendly

A friendly desk neighbor is what everyone needs. So be helpful and friendly to your colleagues. Offer to share lunch with your neighbor, help pick something they dropped. These random acts of kindness will help you earn a lot of brownie points. People always appreciate a friendly colleague. If someone tries to be friendly with you, don’t shut them out.

  • Don’t Be Pushy

We understand you would be eager to start work and find out who your team is, but take your time and relax. Let your management lead in this case. Don’t give them a feeling that you are bossy or pushy in any way. If you have subordinates, get to know them first before hounding them about work.

  • Do Listen Attentively

Since you will be new in the workplace, people will try to be extra helpful initially. Listen to what they have to say attentively so you don’t seem disinterested. You will also be able to learn about what is acceptable and what is not at that particular workplace, or what the culture is like, if you keep your eyes and ears open.

  • Don’t Be Snooty

If this new workplace is smaller than your last, or doesn’t have the same facilities etc. don’t talk down about it to your peers. You don’t want to come off as someone who thinks too highly of themselves. If you have a problem with the lack of services, take it up with the management eventually, not instantly, and in a way that it doesn’t offend anyone.