In order to be a good employee, one must learn how to function properly at their place of work. Like any other public place, office spaces and workplaces have a certain decorum to maintain and certain rules and regulations to follow, in order to make it a productive, comfortable environment to work in. Every employee needs to know these basic rules in order to make working easier for themselves as well as others.

Workplace ethics and rules are not different from general ethics of living in a society. When you work together at the same place, it becomes a habitat, a family. If the same kind of ethics that are applied at home are applied at work, it would create a very conducive working environment.

We will discuss a few work ethics and their importance in this blog.


Respect is one of the most important factors that need to be taken into account while functioning at a workplace. Each employee or team member has their place in the overall working of the organization, and everyone’s work is important. Mutual respect allows people to accept others ideas, thoughts and actions. If people who work together don’t respect each other, they won’t respect the work they do, and this will adversely affect the organization.


One needs to be loyal to their work and their peers in order to thrive at their workplace. If there is no loyalty, a team cannot function. It is an important factor at every point. Loyalty of the company to its employees and of the employees to their company helps the business flourish. The employees expect the company to take actions that are in their best interests and the company expects the employees to perform their duties efficiently. This mutual loyalty helps the individuals and the company to grow.



Personal space is very important for every individual in order to be comfortable in one’s environment. Just like at home, we also need a place at work that is just our own where we can think and work in peace. Encroaching on someone personal space is considered as rude and unethical, because if affects the persons comfort level. People in leadership roles need to make sure each employee gets their own space to be productive in.


In order to work smoothly together, the workplace should be a place where truthfulness is practiced. This is a key point which helps develop trust among employees. Another reason is that the people working in the organization have a right to know the truth about the ongoing matters of the company in which they are so invested. If they feel that the management is not honest and truthful, they will lose their level of commitment towards the company.


For a company to run smoothly, the employees working for that company need to take responsibility of their work. Like any good functional household where everyone is responsible for their duties, likewise, at work, the people need to know how to own up to their responsibilities and how to fulfill them. No one can watch over anyone at all times. So, its basic common ethics of a workplace to fulfill your responsibility without someone having to monitor you continously.