This is the question every graduate asks himself/herself as soon as they start college. How can we become rich and successful in the shortest possible time? This is the question running through everyone’s mind. Thousands of people enter the job market with numerous skills, degrees and diplomas. Some get their dream jobs while others struggle for life. It is a hit and miss, but a very serious one, as your whole future depends on it. So, one must do everything in their power to become indispensable in the job market. That does not necessarily mean that you go to the most expensive university, or get the most popular degree. There is a lot more to it.

You want recruiters to come looking for you and you want companies to try and hire you. You want your employers to agree on every term you put in front of them. There are people in the market who have all of this and more i.e. companies fighting over them.

We will discuss a few of the things that make them so in demand.

Write a Stellar Resume

If you are starting fresh, the resume is what gets you picked up. That’s your first step to make an impression. Make sure your resume stands out among the thousands of others. This will get you to the interview where you can further impress people, but more than half of the candidates get rejected due to their resumes not being up to the mark. If you need that break, work on your CV.

Confidence is Key

Walk into an interview being sure of yourself and how much that company needs you, chances are the interviewer will also believe it.

Market your Marketable Skills

Make sure your skills are known to the recruiters. They should stand out either in your experiences or your education. They should feel that you have all the knowledge and skills they need for the job.

Make a Name for Yourself

If people know you for your job within your industry, you are an important commodity. Companies within the same industry will want to hire you as you are well known for the job. When a company hires a known name, the customers also show more trust in the company, therefore they try to get as many professionals on board as possible. So, wherever you are, try and set a standard, work extra hard, and make sure people in the market know your name.

Look Busier Than You Actually Are

This is tricky, but if done properly, it gives you that extra oomph. If the recruiters believe you are busy, it makes them think you are good at your job. It comes with its risks though, just in case the recruiter is not free to meet you at a later time, but it’s worth a try.

Keep Up with The Market Trends

This point is very important. You need to be updated with what is going on in the market in order to give the companies what they want. Whether it is getting a new degree or diploma that is in demand, or launching a new product that you may think is going to have high sales in the current market scenario, you need to be on top of things.