Everyone worries about the future, and we as human beings try to control our future by
working on the present. For instance, studying the right degree in order to get the best possible
job tomorrow. In the 90s, everyone knew computers were the next breakthrough, so everyone
started enrolling in computer science programs. Silicon Valley was the in thing, the bright
future. Computer studies became the most popular subject to study, and diplomas and degrees
were attained by the majority of the students in this area.

2000s were the era of Business Management. Everyone realized having a masters degree in
business is what will help them land jobs in the near future. So, everyone enrolled in business
schools. Students opted for business studies over law and medicine. Business schools popped
up on every corner, churning out business students.
Keeping up with the job market gives you a good shot at shaping your future. We will be
discussing some of the degrees that will be in demand in the near future.

Degree in Psychology
In these troubled times, the need for therapists is fast growing. From child psychologists to
sports therapists, to guidance therapists at schools and companies, psychology degree is
something that will come in handy. The human mind is a complex thing which is getting more
and more burdened in today’s day and age. Another reason this degree has become so lucrative
is that now people are recognizing the need for psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists.
This previously tabooed industry is now one of the most useful and needed one.

Degree in Statistics
Statisticians analyze data. In today’s world, it is all about forecasting, and statisticians analyze
numbers and data to form trends and predict the future of the industries. With this degree, you
learn how to collect the right data and how to analyze and manipulate it so that it can help in
predicting future problems and their solutions. Each company needs its own statisticians.

The need for this degree is growing fast as organizations rely on the reports statisticians generate
to make vital decisions about the future. These models of predictions are the tools the
organizations need to control their tomorrow.

Degree in Art and Communication
Creative individuals have a bright future. In the coming, even more digitized years, it will be all
about communicating the right message and doing it with a bang. Companies will need their
communication to stand out, they will need to be heard over the constant noise of social and
digital media. The more the creative your communication towards your audience will be, the
better will be the results. Therefore, degrees in communications design, art, media sciences etc.
will be very popular.

Degree in Alternative Energy Consultation
In the coming future, our fossil fuel deposits will be depleted, and the world as we know it will
cease to exist. The human race has to find alternate energy resources in order to continue life on
earth. This sounds very grim, but it is the bitter reality. We need people who could spend all
their time and energy into finding a solution to the world’s fuel problem. Therefore, degrees such
as a degree in renewable energy and engineering, energy studies etc., will be high in demand in
the near future.