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Through an “Ethics First” approach – our mission is to be recognized as the industry leader in all facets of staffing solutions from Temporary Staffing, Permanent Placements to managing solution driven engagements.

At SRS, we have built our entire business on the founding values of trust, integrity, purpose, and engagement.

Our Expertise


We specialise in HR services.

We believe in understanding the organization and its strategic needs in order to help it recruit the best possible candidate. Our company is primarily designed to give our clients a range of services that complement their needs, and overarching goals. Apart from this, we have developed a framework where talent from across the world can have access to jobs in Guyana and the Guyanese businesses can have their pick of the global talent markets. We provide our clients with a plethora of services which include various types of contracts, recruitment services, surveys on markets and salary compensations, client payroll services, career and employment management services, sea catering services and visa immigration services.


Our Mission


“To enhance accessibility to work for all, and provide a platform that ensures integrity, productivity, and success.”


Our Vision


“We aim in being a global recruiting leader by providing exceptional and diverse human capital, and bringing forth success, prosperity and growth in the lives of everyone—through our core values of integrity, excellence, and quality service.”


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